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I got MB C230 (W202) fault code P0700 . is anyone selling a VERY GOOD condition cluster? I mean, this cluster works but it's a brain fsck driving a Scirocco and thinking you're in an mk2 Jetta! instrument cluster manufacturer/supplier, China instrument cluster manufacturer & factory list, find qualified Chinese instrument cluster manufacturers, suppliers, factories, exporters & wholesalers quickly on Made-in-China. This instrument cluster in question could not be interrogated in the manner as described in the Jetta. This is a fault that normally tells you to scan the cluster for faults, this fault normally is a problem with a faulty coolant temp sensor. If you can't find your part number here, please call and check with us before you buy. It came to life again shortly after and then stopped a couple of minutes later. How to repair this shit? I read some topics here but no resolution for this. LCD display completely dead. This is a Ford E-Series (E-150, E-250, E-350, E-450, E-550) instrument cluster repair service for 2008 year model vehicles. Additional Information: The cost of upgrading the Instrument cluster will depend on the vehicle's current spec. F6 (5A) Head lamp adjustment. The plastic moulding which holds the stud for clamping the rear light cluster broke as I tried to unscrew the retaining nut. Learn what warning lights & error/fault codes mean and what to do when you see red, yellow, or green indicator lights. Gradually, more and more luxury models appeared on Significance. Pluged it back in and it lasted for about five minutes and then just left a few diggits in the clock and milege windows. S. In 1974, the company produces in Light Car Golf, he instantly becomes the new favorite. In addition to the well-known electronic components, many non-electronic components also fail. Polo 1. A full repair will be carried out and all necessary components will be replaced according to the manufacturers standard. FENDT Tractor Fault Codes DTC. I took it out and checked it over, it still all looks new, the multi pin plug was spotless to. Fault: Fuel gauge is inoperable. This fading often gets worse when the car is hot or has been out in the sun all day. Disconnect Instrument Cluster and try to start car. . Direct connection to the cluster *vw polo mk4 9n3 1. LCD fading. Back light failure. There was a fault with Ford Focus instrument clusters on certain ages of car, and after the problem was featured on the BBC Watchdog programme some time in 2008 (I think), Ford eventually offered a deal whereby dealers would replace the instrument cluster for £99 inclusive of parts and labour. Hi guys. 2L engine Home Reviews SUNYOU Car Fault Scanner PA Soft 1. Immobiliser issues. Cannot find any information anywhere on a wiring diagram with a plug pinout for the instrument cluster. Some cluster will fail to power up at all. This may have been the first time removal was attempted in 15 years (since new). After searching extensively on the web for a solution and coming up completely empty handed, I decided to disassemble the unit and see if I could find anything that looked off. VW polo instrument panel failure. Volkswagen Polo, instrument panel, fault, instrument cluster, failure, alternator light, fuse, exciter wire, blue wire, battery, intermittent fuel gauge, temperature gauge, gauges, dashboard warning lights. Page 37 of 37 - MK4 Golf and Bora Speedo \ Instrument Cluster - posted in FAQ Forum: Are you following the correct coding instructions as yours will be an immo2 to immo3 swap? https://uk-mkivs. VW Polo (9N) instrument cluster Speedo repair service. Now the battery is also flat so the car won't start, which has never been a problem before, and no lights etc were left on, so I think the problems may be related. Readiness: 1 1 0 0 0 I'm a newbie and JUST received my KEY-USB vag-com today! I came up with 3 codes, two of which I think I understand. polo central locking and electric window fault *****fixed***** mk4 vw golf FIXED: vw sharan wont start*****now fixed***** 52 reg Passat 1. a fellow working at skoda suggested a bad soldered pin on the instrument cluster would be the problem, yet he did not know which one, as none of the electricians working there ever bothered finding out. F11 (5A) Electric/heated door mirrors I pull the PIN of the original instrument cluster and convert it to the SKC number, write this info down. Can anyone help with this information? Im trying to locate the speedo signal wire from the ecu to the instrument cluster. But disconnecting the battery does not always work and is getting less successful over time. I'm a student, so that's a no go. Volkswagen instrument cluster circuit board showing burnt solder point. However, a system-wide fault may be an easy fix, depending on where the signal is breaking up. What does that mean? This is a generic communication system diagnostic trouble code that applies to most vehicle makes and models, including but not limited to Honda, Ford, Mazda, GM and Subaru. Chose Totaltronics as it was close by and had excellent feedback. I'm hoping some of you may be able to help with the instrument cluster issue I've got or possibly point me in the direction of a similar thread that might answer my question. 9 AVF engine ***FIXED**** VW Polo 03: VW Passat TDi PD 115- non start and/or cuts out- FIXED! 2002 vw passat secondary air injection motor fault. The wiki comment on 01309 states the control module is contained in the steering rack, but as far as I can tell the only electronics in the rack is the steering angle sensor, plus when I could communicate the steering module VCDS listed the manufacturer (TRW) and Part No. 2 cylinders mode or 4 cylinders mode. If you look closely at the burnt pin terminal you’ll see where it is cracked. No rules or timing when he switch on/off himself. Audi 80 instrument cluster repair Car Talk - Faulty instrument cluster could be causing speedometer and fellow gauges to go haywire. VW Audi Forum - The #1 Volkswagen (VW) Forum Dedicated to the whole Volkswagen (VW) Group > Model Specific Sections > Audi > A6 - S6 - RS6 > Audi A6 - C6 Forum - 2005 - 2010 > Instrument Cluster fault code This is not a permanent solution, but fault occurs less frequently. 36 Diagnostic Tool Code Reader for BMW Seems the PO put a jetta cluster in my new to me 88 16v Something didn't look right. Very helpful and fantastic service, would definitely recommend. I had swapped the stock instrument cluster on my GT to the highline spec cluster (from the Polo GTI) few days back. Check Control Module in Instrument Cluster (J285) for Fault Codes. After pulling my instrument cluster to put in new backlighting and see if re-attaching the Speedo L-Connector would bring back my speedometer or not; I have developped another unforeseen gremlin. 36 Diagnostic Tool Code Reader for Reviews SUNYOU Car Fault Scanner PA Soft 1. F5 (5A) Engine management. 4L Polo on a 97 plate which has an intermittent fault on the instrument panel. The temp gauge, Fuel gauge, indicator LED, Battery LED, Oil LED & handbrake LED do not work, however the full beam LED does work. You will not be able to do it. 4L Polo on a 97 plate. May 25, 2019 A fault in one or more of these parts will lead to gas gauge failure. Example: If old cluster had 50,357 km, put in 5036. F10 (5A)S-contact. Shipping Label and Return Form; How To Videos Symptom Troubleshooting (Instrument Cluster) - MX-5 Miata SYMPTOM TROUBLESHOOTING [INSTRUMENT CLUSTER] SYMPTOM TROUBLESHOOTING TABLE QUICK DIAGNOSTIC TABLE [INSTRUMENT CLUSTER] No. com. There are a few things you  Jul 21, 2014 I had swapped the stock instrument cluster on my GT to the highline spec cluster ( from the Polo GTI) few days back. 4 TSI GT SPORT Speedometer Instrument Cluster 1K0920964D Normally the faults I fix affect the fuel gauge, temp gauge, and  Sep 25, 2015 I have a new 65 plate Polo SE 1. If it does, it is usually a system-wide fault, as opposed to a fault in just one instrument. On older cars, the alternator only works if it receives a small priming current via the alternator warning light. F9 (10A) Engine management. Golf VII (5G) instrument cluster; Lupo (6X) Kombiinstrument; Passat (3B) instrument cluster; Passat 3C (3C0) Cockpit; Passat CC (3C/35) / B7 (3C/36) instrument cluster; Phaeton (3D) cockpit; Polo (6N) Cockpit; Polo (6R) cockpit; Polo (9N) Cockpit; Scirocco (13) instrument cluster; Sharan (7M) Cockpit; T4 (ab 1999) Kombiinstrument; T4 (til 1998) Cockpit; T5 (7H/7E) Cockpit; T6 (7J) cockpit 01317 - Control Module in Instrument Cluster (J285) 013 - Check DTC Memory Causing No Heat 11-17-2013 12:55 AM #1 I have a 05 of 2006 Jetta Tdi that currently has no heat. F8 (5A) Heated door mirrors. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. B-X 32: License Plate Bulb Failure This yellow VW icon with B-X 32 and a light bulb means one or more license plate light bulbs is burned out. The Speedometer works and the clock works (no rev counter). In the same year, the company produces a sporty model Scirocco, and a cheaper option - the car Polo, which became popular throughout Western Europe. Not true. TROUBLESHOOTING ITEM REFERENCE 1 Fuel gauge needle position incorrect (See NO. This yellow VW dashboard instrument panel light means the incorrect key has been inserted, or that the key is not adapted to the vehicle. indicators I have a 1. instrument panel. Faulty gauges. The rev counter and speedo stop working etc but engine still runs. 4l with the digital instrument cluster 32 pin. Several cases the characters are broken, numbers and letters shown on the instrument cluster's display are unreadable - the backlight is even. You can however see your local autoelecs and they might be able to help you making one. Top  Warning and indicator lamps. Followers 10 FENDT Tractor Fault Codes Diagnostic Trouble Codes. polo central locking and electric window fault *****fixed***** VW Polo 1. Problem With Instrument Cluster Sign in to follow this . We Fix It Right or It's Free! 1-800-446-2880 Active Info Display. They come on when I VW Polo dashboard instrument cluster immobiliser problem If your VW Polo 9N suffers from the problems above then this can be repaired. The expertise and craft of Cartronix can be described in a variety of ways, from repairing, reconditioning, to re-manufacturing your instrument cluster. 1. Status display for active cylinder management (ACT ®) Depending on equipment levels, some vehicles will indicate the current number of active cylinders in the instrument cluster display, e. It happened twice today. 1 FUEL GAUGE NEEDLE POSITION INCORRECT. Check CAN-Databus Wiring/Connectors from/to Instrument Cluster (J285) Check Measuring Value Blocks (MVB) Usually Measuring Value Blocks (MVB) 125+ show the current Communication Status 01317 - Instrument Cluster (J285): Check DTC Memory Possible Causes . My instrument cluster in my 04 Polo has lost it's voice, and the cheapest I've been quoted is £80 to repair it. VW Polo (6N) instrument cluster Speedo repair service. The LCD shows some pretty neat information like your current gear, should you shift up or down, your mileage etc. F4 (5A) Brake pedal position (BPP) switch, cruise control, engine management. You could remove your old one, lay it out on the bench and than match it wire by wire to fix damaged sections. Vehicle Year Engine System Function menu Special Function Defender 2012-2015 Diesel I4 2. No obvious loose connections in driver side glove box panel and fuses all fine. 4 CL 2000 My instrument cluster has stopped working. 1996 P reg VW polo She's only done 45k miles. In essence, Cartronix provide a comprehensive service to return your Instrument Cluster to full working order allowing you to return to normality as quickly and as smoothly as possible. 2003 Skoda Octavia  Aug 8, 2016 If only your odometer is busted, then it's likely the gears that turn the odometer have broken. Volkswagen Passat Digital Display on Instrument Cluster May Fail - 173 reports. A. A Common fault with the Mercedes C Class instrument cluster is a dimming of the orange LCD multi-function display. I have a 2003 mk6 2. In normal operation you can expect 5,7 pulses per revolution so you will see only half that as you have only one wheel rotating. 5x39. Multiple fault codes, Hazard lights flashing and won't start. Home » Repair Services » VW » VW Polo (9N) instrument cluster Speedo repair service. BBA can supply remanufactured unit with a two year warranty. A dashboard consists of the known odometer counters and other components. 2L engine ABS(ABS control module) ECU information Defender 2012-2015 Diesel I4 2. Vy Ss of VY SS Series 2 Redhot Instrument Cluster by Retha Rowe also more Ideas like Holden Commodore Ute, Holden Commodore Vy GPS, Holden Commodore Ve, Holden Commodore VR, Datsun ZCar Nissan Auto Mobile, Holden Astra, Holden Commodore Vy Done Up, Holden Brougham, Holden HZ, LS3 Holden Commodore, Holden VY Commodore White, HSV GTS Auto Mobile, Australian Holden Commodore, Holden Car Ute, 2003 Sorry mate, Id do it for myself but not for profit. P1654 PLEASE CHECK DTC MEMORYOF INSTRUMENT CLUSTER ECU. Fault code – Id code – Brief description – Description – Consequences Been reading through the thousands of threads on the mighty F8 looking for info on faulty instrument cluster. Failure of this dashboard instrument cluster for the Volkswagen Polo (4th gen 2002 - 2009) is very common. Below is a list of the common problems suffered with the VW Polo Chassis 9N 2002-2007 clusters that can be fixed with our VW Polo instrument cluster repairs service. Weight: 9g. The Ford E-Series instrument cluster is also commonly referred to as the instrument panel, Nationwide Instrument Cluster Repair and Speedometer Repair. Internal sound defects. In some cases, the instrument cluster acts as a gateway on the CAN bus. Partial to complete illumination failure. FAULT = The instruments on the dashboard aren't working - rev, petrol, temp gauge. 2 SPEEDOMETER INSTRUMENT 6Q0 920 900H Vw Golf Mk5 1. The fault is a intermittent because if I disconnect the battery, leave it for a while and then connect it again then the cluster works as normal, but only lasts for a day or do then fails again. A car’s instrument panel should never blank out completely. I've been looking about for a while, and was told it was probably just the speaker. Instrument Cluster; Instrument Cluster. Intermittent instrument panel failure: Can anybody help? I have a 1. 0L Polo on a 97 plate which has an intermittent fault on the instrument panel. F3 (5A) Rear fog lamps. VW Polo Instrument Cluster Repairs. 2002 Vw 1. 2 AZQ engine idle fault after new timing chain. My instrument cluster has stopped working. RAY: If that doesn’t work, and if the car is otherwise in good shape and you plan on keeping it for another year or two, then the best thing to do is bite the bullet and replace the cluster. If the answer is yes, you've just arrived to the right place since we repair all types of faults in your vehicle's instrument board. Volkswagen VW History. Scanned all the Modules for possible DTCs, nothing found. 4 tdi, faulty instrument cluster, has anyone got any ideas on how to fix this fault? Every time the car is started and switched off the dials become stuck until you turn ignition on Intermittent Immobiliser Fault. The warning and indicator lamps indicate various warnings , faults or certain functions. If you turn ignition off and back on it clears itself. ) 2 All meters and gauges do not operate Due to the Instrument cluster being part of the security system for the vehicle all replaced units must be taken as part exchange and returned to Volkswagen Audi Group. I don't know about this air bag code, though. Diagnose dont show anything related to cluster. Instrument Cluster Repair; Speedometer Repair; Shift Indicator Repair; Driver Information Center Repair; Stepper Motor Repair; Tachometer Repair; Odometer Repair; Gauge Repair; Clock Repair; Mileage Correction; Speedometer Calibration; Common Failures; Climate Control Repair; Electronic Module Repair; Recent Quotes; KEY INFORMATION. A system-wide fault indicates a total loss of power to the instrument cluster. LCD display pixelated. , page 2 You should see the pulses from the sensor, they have a 50% duty cycle and the levels are close to 0V and 12V. The process was simpler  If the instrument panel appears to be working normally (gauges reading normally ), but the instrument panel is not lighting up, the fault could be a bad headlamp  This procedure details how to change the instrument cluster on VW/Audi/Seat/ Skoda vehicles with Immobilizer III, where the immobilizer control module is  Complete list of VW dashboard icons. We offer a repair service for the VW Polo Chassis 9N 2002-2007 instrument cluster, they suffer from a range of problems almost all of which can be repaired. I am sure there may be other VAG based FNGs who can do this but do check out in your locality if there's any. Think of gears, indicators, windows and plastic housings. Thus, Vagtune was the only go. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. Main power consists of the positive leads and the ground wires. Maybe have a look at that other forum site as I think that this has been discussed recently along with links to some older threads with pictures. Polo Instrument Cluster Failure Failure of this dashboard instrument cluster for the Volkswagen Polo (4 th gen 2002 - 2009) is very common. e. Internal  Volkswagen Polo, instrument panel, fault, instrument cluster, failure, alternator light, fuse, exciter wire, blue wire, battery, intermittent fuel gauge, temperature  Over the years of working on VW's I have encountered enough instrument cluster failures that I would consider it a common problem. vw sharan wont start*****now fixed***** 52 reg Passat 1. 4 TDI. The most common faults found in instrument clusters are: Dead LCD display. Reply. Results 1 - 48 of 4170 02-09 VW POLO 9N 1. The dials and such stop working temporarily, but the engine is still running, and I believe the indicators on … Instrument cluster failed, turned out it was an intermittent fault and took a couple of visits to resolve. Modern instrument clusters are very advanced. Jul 27, 2016 My best guess is that the instrument cluster is faulty as I've read that dry solded/ cracked joints is a common fault on Polo clusters. stop working. 5w-1. Good luck. VW Polo Dashboard/Instrument Cluster . Driving home from work tonight I suddenly noticed the instrument cluster rebooted itself and an amber steering warning light remained on. Volkswagen Polo instrument cluster for sale, Volkswagen Polo instrument cluster replacement parts, Volkswagen Polo instrument cluster spares, Volkswagen Polo instrument cluster spares to buy, Volkswagen Polo instrument cluster parts shop, auto parts store, breakers yards, new and used Volkswagen Polo instrument cluster parts. My cluster stopped one day mid ride along a smooth highway. Volkswagen Polo instrument cluster fault. The instrument cluster communicates with computers throughout the vehicle via the controller area network (CAN) bus. (5A) instrument illumination rheostat, licence plate lamps. 1987 245: Lost turn signals after instrument cluster reinstall The saga continues. I. g. Now hook up my Ross Tech cable and run VCDS, go into the instrument cluster and using the PIN number for the "new" cluster, log into it like I was going to do a key adaption. Audi TT instrument cluster repair • Lcd failure • Illumination • Custom dials • km/h or mph conversions • Intermittent or complete cluster failure • Pointer/needle failure • Temperature and / or fuel guage faulty • Flickering cluster • Cluster/software programming. It´s a ML W164 right? From where I know it? Google that fault Code and you immediatley get to the site I posted above and that Company which is specialiczed in repairing Instrument Clusters describe that as a fault from insturment Cluster of W164. If you have this signal, look downstream towards the instrument, else look upstream towards the sensor. Note: Some clusters may require a Login of 13861 before you can set the mileage. 6mm. 9 AVF engine ***FIXED**** Fixed*****Golf with secondary air flow fault: VW Polo 03: VW Passat TDi PD 115- non start and/or cuts out- FIXED! Lost Communication with Instrument Panel Control (IPC) Module. It shows the temperature, the trip distance, total distance, time and current fuel. Intermitant power loss to complete unit. 4 2002-2009 instrument cluster clock 6q0920903 - bky (fits: vw polo) ENGINE CODE -BKY. The instrument cluster display shows information about the current status . CHECK BRAKE LIGHTS = P2 = A lamp has failed or the electrical circuit has a fault. Some warning and indicator lamps light up when the ignition is switched on and should go out once the engine is running or the vehicle is in motion. You will need a factory type scanner or VAG-COM program to clear the fault in the cluster. I've got a fault with the instrument cluster on my VW Polo Mk2. 22. The gas gauge in the instrument cluster is the visual indication of activity in . Wholesale Mini Speaker for Audi A4(Bosch), VW Polo Instrument Cluster, Dashboard with High Quality, 16+(-) 15% Ohm, 450Hz, 0. One Fault Code was stored in Instrument Cluster Module (J285) Maybe it was caused when I unplugged once Camera Control Module from harness to reroute the wires. Fault codes are listed below. Going over the The car is a 2011 Polo 1. New (used) cluster installed, pull PIN info for it as well. Refer to pages 126 and 132 of the attached pdf CHECK BRAKE LININGS = P2 = Brake wear sensor open circuit; refer to page 108 of the attached pdf CHECK CONTROL OK = Due to the Instrument cluster being part of the security system for the vehicle all replaced units must be taken as part exchange and returned to Volkswagen Audi Group. netimmo3-upgrade/ Fiat Stilo 2001-2006 Instrument Cluster Repair Service Please confirm that you have this problem by getting a full diagnostics from your mechanic. 4 The needles on the instrument cluster should permanently illuminated red when the ignition is switched on but in my car there is a fault when randomly they are not illuminated red. I could have sourced the GTI cluster from abroad but there was no way the immobiliser pin could be read from the old cluster and written into the new one. Ford Instrument Cluster Repairs. Some warning and indicator lamps light up   Aug 3, 2018 Check Engine Light illuminated on car instrument panel because the temperature gauge on your engine is located right in the gauge cluster. Complete power failure. m3 e36 instrument cluster is crazy. Control Module in Instrument Cluster (J285) stored a Code which influences other Control Modules Functionality. With various information profiles, you can decide which specific data are displayed in the instrument cluster in addition to the usual gauges such as the rev counter, speedometer and odometer. Fault code A559 - Instrument cluster Post by GramateBMW » Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:22 pm Recently brought the BMWhat app to code the stop/start memory and on the initial ECU scan it found 1 fault. Common faults. This indicates the main power wires to the clusters are broken or disconnected somewhere. My Polo however lacks all of the features mentioned above. VW New Beetle (A4) instrument cluster Speedo repair service. VW Lupo (6X) ATE Mk20 ECU module repair service. Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual / Instrument cluster / Warning and indicator lamps The warning and indicator lamps indicate various warnings , faults or certain functions. F7 (5A) Engine management, power steering. Not all the part numbers are listed below. My shop data and repair information is expired waiting for new one , please I need some information where to check. I try to switch off door gong bellow steering wheel but no help. E87 118d, stock, plus PDC control unit drain, Parrot, debadged, Mothercare baby shades (but no babies), and occassionally a good layer of wax. Can you please tell me what may be wrong? The mechanic tells me that he cannot detect any fault. When this occur bord computer display light much lighter. - If the Audi/VW/Seat instrument cluster's LCD display has really pixel problems, then typically lines or colunms of the display are missing. I know is ETC code but I'm not sure where is the fault . Re: Fault code A559 - Instrument cluster. T. It is the wiring from the engine immobiliser aerial near the ignition switch that seems to be the problem - or its contact pins on the dash pod. There is a couple threads about faulty instrument clusters but Im still looking for answers. i heard it's a very common fault so i was hoping that someone could correct my assumption (believing the skoda guy) if it's wrong, and if i am right, maybe fill in the pin number to make my job easier :p List of all possible BMW E39 instrument cluster text warnings & text messages by bluebee. Now the Immobilizer-3 light blinks, and when I try to start the car, it does the typical running for 2 seconds and dies. However, if only one instrument is not working, the problem lies either in the wires feeding A 1. Fault (s) stored in Control Module in Instrument Cluster (J285). 1 Fault Found: 6068 - No Communication with Instrument VW Lupo (6X) instrument cluster Speedo repair service. We won’t take any responsibility for the compatibility of parts unless we have explicitly said it will fit. All these components can ensure that a dashboard does not work properly anymore. You can select this information profile quickly and easily using the optional multifunctional steering wheel: depending on your precise I really like the instrument cluster on the new 2013 model Indian VW Polo. for the pump. Learn about car warning lights at Volkswagen UK today. This is a common problem that I see in circuit boards and will cause high resistance and thats why the point looks burnt. Find out what your car's warning lights mean, and the action required. VW New Beetle (A4) ATE Mk60 ABS ECU module repair service. Instantly forgettable, and thats the way I like it. The Coolant temp sensor is a two part sensor i. I removed my instrument cluster two weeks ago, had some LED work done on it, and have reinstalled. VW Polo (6N) ATE Mk20 ECU module repair service. **fixed** Put in the number of km divided by 10. Instrument cluster failed, turned out it was an intermittent fault and took a couple of visits to resolve. Internal component failure will cause symptoms on the vehicle such as loss of speedo and fuel gauges, backlight flickering, indicator repeater/tell-tale light not working and problems with the central LCD screen. There are three tested and verified methods to acquire the PIN of this model. Immobilizer III Immobilizer Swapping (Instrument Cluster) See the seperate instructions for models where the immobilizer control module is integrated in a separate immo box or where the immobilizer control module is integrated in kessy (Keyless Entry and Start SYstem). [Test] Observe the Instrument Cluster and make sure the mileage displayed is correct. swainee · The S-Class and CL-Class Mercedes Benz Instrument Clusters suffer from a well known illumination fault, usually resulting in the instrument cluster not lighting up at all or flickering on and off. Jughead with your knowledge of the 1200RT instrument cluster - there is a cable that goes from pin 22 on the ZFE to pin 5 on the cluster which I reckon is a switched supply and I think the switching is caused by the ZFE getting an input on pin 26 from the main ignition switch. Direct connection to RS232 2. Fault(s) stored in Instrument Cluster (J285) Possible Solutions The instrument cluster houses the vehicle gauges and warning lights. Indicator lamp failures. 0w, Size: 42. You need to pull instrument cluster to get at those  Mar 11, 2016 I have a VW Golf 2011 model. The dials and such stop working temporarily, but the engine is still running, and I believe the indicators on the panel still work. The S-Class and CL-Class Mercedes Benz Instrument Clusters suffer from a well known illumination fault, usually resulting in the instrument cluster not lighting up at all or flickering on and off. Rear Light Cluster Fixing Clamp Broken. The car has developed a wiring fault and causes the instrument cluster power steering symbol, oil pressure, brake warming lights to come on and flash. The process was simpler than I had thought but the only gripe was getting the old VW Polo DIY: Removing / upgrading the instrument cluster - Team-BHP Fault(s) stored in Instrument Cluster (J285) Possible Solutions . W Polo problem and solution. Once you save this value, you will be unable to change the mileage EVER! Keithuk Super Moderator. The back-lighting for the revs I think you need a dash soft coding value changing. This cluster required removal and attached directly to the scan tool with Immobilizer software. polo instrument cluster fault

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